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For a long time in the US, alcohol wasn’t just a part of social gatherings, it was THE WHOLE POINT. Alcohol went from being an accompaniment, to an activity, to the entire activity. That’s finally changing. We are in the midst of a Modern Drinking revolution where alcohol is optional (and rare), and our personal and social rituals are thoughtful, regenerating, and additive. So what exactly is a modern drinker? Here are 2 guidelines that will help you get started as more conscious, modern drinker. For a little additional context, check out our blog on what is an alcohol-free adult drink?


For some reason, this can get overlooked, misunderstood, or just caught up in the pressure to look or act a certain way. Flavor, alcohol, and social drinking have a complicated relationship. We often learn to “love” the taste of alcohol because we know it’s associated with a sedative affect. We say things like “I love pinot grigio” when what we really mean is “pinot grigio is the easiest way I can get alcohol down.” When we stop drinking for the night or the week or forever, we kind of have to re-learn what we love. Health concerns aside, most of us enjoy the tatse of soda. We are biologically programmed to enjoy sweet, tart drinks. As we reach adulthood and try more things, we also begin to maybe enjoy slightly bitter tastes and maybe spicy as well. Try lots of different things and be really honest with yourself. Do you LOVE it? Or do you think you SHOULD love it? Or do you love the IDEA of it but the liquid is underwhelming. This may seem like the most obvious advice in the world but it’s not as easy as you may think. Our minds get so caught up in what other people are drinking, what we’re supposed to drink, and/or how we look drinking one thing instead of another. If you truly discover what makes your taste buds dance, you’ll enjoy drinking 10x more than most other people. Here are 3 alcohol free options that we think taste amazing:

  1. For something a little bitter, complex, and aromatic, we love St Agrestis

  2. For something really herbal, a touch bitter, and very rich, we are in love with Pathfinder.

  3. For something lighter, more refreshing, and stress easing, we obviously drink Guinep Ocean Mineral Cocktail


There’s a lot of variety available to modern drinkers but sometimes it all gets lumped together in our minds as “mocktails” or zero-proof cocktails. By taking a moment to be thoughtful about your expectations of a ritual or an event, you can pick the right drink to match those expectations. For example:

  • Your after work routine may be all about treating yourself to some pampering and trying to get more happy chemicals in your brain. In this case, pick something that you LOVE the flavor of. Even a soda in a fancy glass can work well here. Don’t get too hung up on how “adult” the drink is. Just drink what you love. For a little help on the relaxing part, pick something with function ingredients like CBD, Magnesium, Ocean Minerals, or adaptogens for a gentle relaxing effect.

  • If you are going to an event or function that’s obligatory and you just want to blend in without drawing much attention, grab an NA beer like Athletic. No one will notice you’re not drinking booze.

  • If you’re around friends or peers and you want to flex your lifestyle a little bit, grab something that stands out like Guinep, Kin, or do a shot of Parentheses.