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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Deep Ocean Minerals

A naturally occurring collection of 70 trace minerals and elements found in sea water at around 700 meters (2300 feet) below sea level. They have been related to a number of mood and health benefits including stress reduction.

What is Guinep Fruit?

Guinep is a fruit that grows throughout the Caribbean and in parts of Central and South America. It grows mostly wild along beaches and in back yards and has a green skin and pale golden flesh similar to a lychee. It's intensely aromatic and has a flavor that uniquely resembles a crossover between Lychee, Lime, and Guava.

How will Deep Ocean Minerals make me feel?

Of the 70 minerals and elements in Guinep, you'll feel the magnesium first as it gently calms and relaxes. The natural electrolytes work quick to fully hydrate, leaving you feeling physically and mentally more like yourself. Over time, the trace elements may improve your sleep, metabolism, and focus.

How many Guineps can I safely drink?

One to take the edge off, two to feel nice, 3 for much deeper effect. Start with one or two to see how it vibes with you (it affects everyone differently). Increase your intake as you see fit.

Are there any side effects or health risks with Guinep?

There are no reported side effects of Deep Ocean Minerals. They are naturally occurring and foundational to every human's biological function. We still recommend consulting a physician if you are unsure of how you may react or if you are taking any medications with contraindications.

What's the full ingredient list?

Each Guinep flavor has a slightly different formula but they a;; contain:
Spring water, Deep Ocean Minerals, Guinep fruit essence, Natural Flavors, Monkfruit Extract (which contains natural erythritol), and plant-sourced citric acid.

Those Minerals with highest concentration are magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, zinc, rubidium, and selenium.